Max's StatPage

Stat Student, Data Analysis Nerd, Chinese Speaker


My name is Max Lang and I’m a Statistics/Computer Science student at LMU Munich. I’m from Germany, living in Munich.

On this page you can find some information about me and a few blog posts I wrote. Most of them are about topics that came up during my studies and I find quite interesting, such as data analysis in R, small programming projects or mathematical proofs. I like to read a lot of books and daily study Chinese/Mandarin, so you might also find some reviews or info about Chinese culture here.

The nerdy/technical posts are listed under posts, my opinion on interesting current events, book reviews or Chinese culture info under notes.

I look forward to receive feedback via Disqus or Github.

Github repo

The website is built with a simple Hugo Theme, because I would like to improve my R Blogdown Skills by keeping this website up to date.