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Max Lang

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Why Statistics? Asia was the reason.

Me at Singapore

Since the winter semester 2020 I have been studying statistics at the LMU in Munich. I caught interest in studying statistics and the related tasks during my stay in China. After graduating from high school in 2019, I spent almost 4 months in Shanghai and 5 months in Singapore to learn Chinese (Mandarin). Due to the corona pandemic, I had to leave China in advance at the end of January 2020. Hence, I flew to Singapore to continue my course. At the end of my course in Singapore I reached the HSK 5 language level, which is equivalent to a C 1 of the CEFN.

In both ultra-modern Asian countries I became aware that statistics will have a huge impact on our everyday lives in the future. I also want to contributed and be a part of this chance to change the world. That’s why I study Statistics.

The rest of my Story

My time beofre China is quickly told: Together with my friends, I played the tenorhorn in the Knabenkapelle Nördlingen and traveled to several cities to give concerts. Music connects people, enriches society and gave me great pleasure. That’s why I learned another instrument during my time in China. Dizi (笛子) - a Chinese flute. From 5th grade starting I began to pursue my passion for basketball as a player and referee, later as a scout and referee at TSV Nördlingen. To achieve a goal together through hustle and hard work was a real enrichment for me. The award of the Sportehrennadel der Stadt Nördlingen in 2017 was the result of years of training and a great team experience. Through music and sport I made friends all over the globe. Books and magazines filled the rest of my free time.

That’s it.